Yellow Nephrite Spiked Roller

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CJB Yellow Nephrite Spiked Roller by Cecily Braden
Protective Eco-Pouch included

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Yellow Nephrite Spiked Roller

CJB Yellow Nephrite Spiked Roller by Cecily Braden
Protective Eco-Pouch included

The “spikes” are what make this tool special,  use a light pressure and this roller has the same benefits as a smooth head, medium pressure for fine lines and wrinkles, firm pressure to release tension and stress.

“It’s about balancing the pressure with the movement to create a fundamental shifts within the tissue of your skin. The addition of “spikes” improve Qi circulation (a.k.a. your body’s electricity) by stimulating the meridian points.” Cecily Braden

  • Start by using light pressure in an up and outward motion, this will stimulate lymph and is great for puffiness.
  • Then use Medium pressure on fine lines and wrinkles, the spikes will work on the fascia (connective tissue)
  • Finally Firm pressure only if needed on areas of tension and stress like the jaw and neck, firm pressure is also good on scarring.
  • It is important to use a light pressure around the eye area.

For best results from the Yellow Nephrite Spiked Roller

Use daily to improve elasticity, collagen production, and to support the lymphatic system in keeping the skin healthy.

How to use: On freshly cleansed skin, apply your face oil and begin lightly rolling over your neck, jaw, cheeks, forehead and eyes, once the skin has warmed up, you can then use a medium pressure on your areas of concern, we recommend not doing longer than 1 -2 mins per area. If needed then use a firmer pressure on areas of tension but remember that less is more, do not cause yourself any pain or discomfort, this is an enjoyable self care ritual.


Yellow Nephrite Benefits

  • Long-term use of yellow jade can moisturise your skin, promote metabolism and promote a healthy glow.
  • In addition, it helps eliminate negative emotions, including stress, nervousness, irritability, depression, bringing a more positive energy, making people optimistic and hopeful, and growing courage and confidence in facing setbacks and challenges.
  • Yellow jade can regulate the human digestive system, and can treat gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion and stomach cold, and promote digestion and absorption. In addition, it has a certain slimming effect for those who want to lose weight!

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2 reviews for Yellow Nephrite Spiked Roller

  1. Fred

    Best quality! love this

  2. Layla

    I have seen improvements on my forehead lines since using this everyday! it takes time but does work.

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