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UPLIFT with Basil, Bay Laurel & Lime

Made in England

A nice way to use this candle is with your Gua Sha, light the candle as part of your ritual and feel your tension melt away.

Basil, Bay Laurel and Lime are known for their uplifting properties on the mood.

Hand-made and entirely from sustainably produced plant waxes, coconut and palm oils. They contain no animal products, nor do they contain petroleum-based paraffin wax. The oils are pressed and distilled without the use of solvent extraction (with paraffin candles, petroleum chemicals like hexane are used). They burn with a brilliant clear flame, without black smoke.

100% pure essential oils are infused to give off a beautifully unique scent of Lime, Bay Laurel and Lime.

Plant wax candles burn at a higher temperature than paraffin wax candles, so they burn for longer.

Burning times are approximately 40 hours.

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