Rose Quartz Crystal Meditation Mask

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Meditation Eye Mask in Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz Crystal Meditation Mask

The Crystal Wellness Masks are of the highest quality. 

Add something extra special with these beautiful Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Masks which will leave your clients with a feeling of serenity, or use a mask as part of your self care practice, a perfect addition to meditation to help calm the mind or at a sound bath.

Precious stones and crystals vary in quality but all CJB products are made from A++ quality. Each mask is unique with rich colour variations, and energetically charged crystals.  These are the best masks on the market.

About the Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Mask

“Rose Quartz is a stone of “unconditional love and infinite peace and promotes receptivity to beauty of all kinds.”  As a conductor of energy, it helps minimise fine lines and wrinkles, increase circulation and reduce puffiness when combined with specific facial massage techniques and varied pressure. Connected to the heart chakra, it releases unexpressed and deep-seated emotions that become etched into our facial features as permanent creases. It’s a high vibrational stone amplifies the effects of other stones and “encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance, self-love, invoking self-trust and self-worth.*”

*Quotes by Judy Hall “The Encyclopaedia of Crystals.”

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  1. Lucy

    What a beauty! Such high quality, I use this in my daily meditation.

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