Nephrite Reflexology Tool


Detector/Reflexology tool for working the reflexology maps



Nephrite Reflexology Tool

The Nephrite Reflexology tool is the most valuable type of Jade, it is a beautiful dark green stone which can look black. Nephrite has a lot of spiritual meaning and can support you to find balance and peace, and is known as a powerful stone for protection, especially for the heart chakra. Nephrite helps strengthen and soothe the nervous system, it offers support in detoxification and in the regeneration of the tissues.

Nephrite Jade is also said to be helpful in attracting love and money, it is the stone of abundance and prosperity.

How to use your Reflexology Tool

You can use the tool to massage your face, great for releasing blocked energy and stagnation, for lifting, toning, and softening fine lines & wrinkles.





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