Facial Plumping Cups

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For instant plumping and anti ageing results, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, plumps the lips and gives your skin a healthy glow.



Ease of Usage:The White Lotus Chinese suction cup is really easy to use as you just need to apply a face oil then squeeze and place the cup on the skin, making sure you continuously move, do not stay in one place as this can cause a bruise.

Durable:Made of high quality silicon, the massaging cups are strong and have a lifetime guarantee, so you can safely use it at home.

Lovely Gift:The facial massage cup is delivered in a silk lined gift box, which is perfect for gifting to someone.


1 review for Facial Plumping Cups

  1. Sharon

    I find these really plump up my skin, I like to use them before a night out. Especially like the small cup on my lips, makes them fuller

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