CJB Wellness Eye Mask in Golden Silk


CJB Wellness Eye Mask in Golden Silk


Quality is our concern!
As with all precious stones and crystals there are vast differences in quality. All CJB Beauty Secrets crystal masks are made from A++ quality gemstones, which provide the most energy vibrant stones with rich colour variations that everyone loves and the true sign of quality!

Golden Silk is unique to China. It’s a kind of quartzite jade that has only emerged in recent years.
This is a different gemstone than the Yellow Jade we use for our CJB Qi Beauty Roller.

In 2013, Xinjiang  issued local standards for gold silk jade. Golden silk jade refers specifically to the quartzite jade produced in and around the Zhungeer Basin in Xinjiang. Judging from the gold silk jade that has been discovered now, its primary deposit has not yet been found. It is speculated that the formation of the Jinsi Jade primary deposit is similar to the formation of other quartzite jade, which is formed by the condensation of volcanic hydrothermal fluid filling and condensing along the stratum fissures. After these deposits are formed, they undergo differentiation and denudation, and during the transportation of flowing water, seed materials are formed, which are distributed in ancient river beds in Karamay region, Xinjiang.

Use on freshly cleansed skin and after apply your favourite facial massage oil to provide an easy glide. We recommend an oil that doesn’t absorb quickly, or creates too much slip as the goal is to maintain connection with the skin.


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