CJB Mookaite Jasper Gua Sha

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The Mookaite Jasper Gua Sha is the bridge between professional and client home care.


CJB Mookaite Jasper Gua Sha + Facial Massage Tool
U.S. Patent D908,906

This new Patented Design by Cecily Braden is unlike any other on the market. It re-patterns the signs of ageing, promotes lymphatic flow, relieves sinus pressure, diminishes dark circles, reduces puffiness, minimises fine lines and wrinkles, firms and lifts, sculpts and contours, reduces blemishes and other skin issues.

Mookaite operates at the Qi level to strengthen the production of blood and invigorates circulation. It’s been said often that Mookaite encourages self-awareness and honesty with oneself. It’s a supporting stone and grounding in its nature and earthly colours. Use it with kindness, or use it to promote and nurture kindness within yourself, for yourself and others.

Comes with a protective pouch.

Due to genuine stone quality, characteristics will vary from featured image(s). Dimensions 4.5 × 3 × 1 inches


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Weight 0.6 kg

1 review for CJB Mookaite Jasper Gua Sha

  1. Angela

    The quality is just stunning, my most favourite Gua Sha, I collect them.

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