Aypa Raw Balm




Raw Face Balm 50ml
Whole Plant | Vegan | Superfood | Waterless | Fragrance-Free | Cruelty-Free.

1 product, 3 uses:

  1. Deep cleansing for all skin types.
  2. Powerful overnight moisturiser.
  3. Gua Sha self-care or professional massage. Provides the perfect glide and connection with the skin.

Ultra-concentrated in Copoazu butter, is blended with the healing Hemp oil and antioxidant Babassu oil.

Rich in texture, the Face Balm melts on your skin and deeply penetrates to either remove oil-based impurities or promote deep hydration and boost collagen production while you sleep. The skin recovers its natural moisture and elasticity to remain supple and glowing.

Raw by Aypa is the new earth-to-skin collection of handcrafted cosmetics blended of Peruvian whole plants with active principles, sustainably harvested in the Andean mountains, Amazonian rainforests and in the Pacific Coast.

Potent powders, vibrant oils, and hearty butters bursting with nourishing nutrients form the Raw skincare collection. The products can be either used separately or mixed together to fit your unique skin care needs.


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