Amethyst Energy Wand


Energy Wand in Amethyst by Cecily Braden.

Vibrating Wand for glowing, healthy skin.


Amethyst Energy Wand

The Energy Wand in Amethyst is you go to for self care, use for massaging your facial muscles, for deeper product penetration and to instantly revive a dull complexion for a natural glow!

The Energy Wand will de-puff your face by stimulating the movement of lymph and toxins by facilitating their elimination.

Light touch = flow of lymph and fluid
Medium touch = relieves tension and joint pain

– High frequency vibration at 6,000 x per minute

– Increases blood circulation and oxygen to the surface of skin

– Relaxes facial muscles and tension

– Relaxes the mind and body

– Brightens the complexion and awakens skin cells

– Contours and sculpts, reduce puffiness

– Resonates deeply to affect variety of skin concerns

Note: AA battery not included (the energy wand is waterproof)

Technical Information:

Unscrew the bottom of your wand, insert one AA battery, screw the cap back on which will activate the wand.

To turn on and off, twist the bottom of the wand.

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg


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