Hi, I’m Donna Ryan

a holistic facialist with a deep intention to transform skin and wellbeing.

I know all too well what it's like to struggle with your skin.

I had terrible acne from my teenage years until my late 20’s, this contributed to me suffering from depression and anxiety. My skin was so bad that it impacted my confidence and left me feeling very unattractive (I was also overweight and tired, later discovering that an undiagnosed thyroid condition called Hashimoto's was causing my issues).

I struggled with these feelings for a long time until the turning point: I decided I wasn't going to just accept how things were, that anything is possible. So, I decided to try a holistic approach, and slowly things started to improve.

From here, everything changed for the better: I began working with a homeopath who prescribed me natural remedies, helped me with nutrition and advised me to change all of my skincare products to natural ones. To my surprise, within a month my acne had completely gone.

This sparked my passion for alternative therapies and I went on to study a whole host of natural healing modalities including homeopathy, kinesiology, reiki, and Bach flower remedies, all of which inform my work today.

I want to support people in feeling beautiful in their skin and to benefit from natural approaches in the same way that I do,  I have trained with one of the top facialist trainers in the USA, Cecily Braden and I am now her U.K distributor.

I am also a Dien Chan Zone® operator - an Eastern technique which  treats symptoms in the body via stimulation of zones on the face to repair and prevent imbalance of every kind.

Skincare rooted in nature and a passion for holistic healing

My approach to skincare is deeply rooted in the healing energy of nature. In our modern day society, many of us have forgotten that we are part of nature. I believe that working with the plants in natural skincare in combination with time-tested holistic practices gives far deeper results because we are able to directly receive their healing properties physically, but also energetically.

My philosophy goes beyond being skin deep; we all need to have a greater appreciation for our skin. We need to cultivate a spiritual connection and compassion with it  -  our face shows the personality of our soul, both the emotions we show and feel we can't show.

When we work to release energetic blockages using ancient methods such as Gua Sha and other holistic tools, we are able to free our energy up, which supports our overall sense of vitality and wellbeing.

We all deserve to have radiant, glowing skin and to feel confident inside and out.

Join me on a journey and reconnect with yourself, beginning with your skin.

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Donna Ryan

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