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Welcome to the Facial Goddess

We all want to feel confident and beautiful in our own skin, to look and feel glowing, healthy and radiant.

Through holistic facials and natural skincare powered by the healing ability of plants, I'm here to support you in returning to your radiance.

Beauty is much more than skin deep.

Our face is a wonderful indicator of what is going on deeper below the surface - our thoughts, emotions, environment and the food we eat all have an impact on this dynamic living organ of ours. And when we treat our skin lovingly with the right products and holistic rituals that align with nature, it responds beautifully.

Through a carefully-curated selection of natural skincare tools and rituals including plant-based natural skincare, holistic facial massages, Gua Sha, facial reflexology (DCZ), cupping, crystal rollers and energy healing, I work intuitively with you to re-energise your skin, gently yet powerfully address the signs of ageing and illuminate your skin's natural healing power.

Each of my naturally designed treatments are made unique to your specific needs, and will leave you feeling deeply rejuvenated with a healthy glow.

More than just a facial, this is a next-level nurturing experience for your skin and soul. Expect deep relaxation, release of energetic blockages that cause issues such as acne, dark circles and puffiness, dissolved tension and beautifully radiant skin that glows from the inside out.

Join the Facial Goddess on a journey and reconnect with yourself, beginning with your skin

You can contact me here. I look forward to hearing from you!

Fashion Testimonial Instagram Post (1)
Fashion Testimonial Instagram Post (1)

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